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I'm Noreen! I'm 20 and my birthday is Oct. 11. I'll be 21, and I want to tone up and become a lot leaner by then!
I belong to a gym and go at the very least 3x a week. I cook my own meals now instead of going out to eat. :)

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Sitting here with my cup because being sick sucks :(

Gym tomorrow.

abs day. Hell yes.



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will gain! hurry! :)

Anonymous said:
For some people melatonin works great. For others, like myself, it doesn't work at all. So if you're one of the lucky ones then you should totally use it :)

Aww I wish it worked for you too!

lbds-and-high-heels-deactivated said:
Finally, don't expect to be asleep when your head hits the pillow. For completely healthy people, it can take up to 20 minutes to sleep. If you fall asleep instantly, you're likely sleep deprived.

Oh, it usually takes me an hour or more without melatonin. 

lbds-and-high-heels-deactivated said:
Another thing, naps are a GOOD thing if you do them properly: never more than an hour (use an alarm if necessary), never after 3 pm, and ONLY in bed. You need to train your brain that bed is for sleep and not-bed is for not-sleep. Finally hide your clock and trust your alarm to work. Seeing the time can cause anxiety and keep you awake or give you fractured sleep. Keep in mind, too that "8 hours" is an AVERAGE need. some people only need 4-6 while some people need 10 or more.

Thank you! i’m gonna try all of this! Luckily, we are on a month-long winter break from school, so all I have to contend with is work. It’ll be much easier to do this!

Anonymous said:
Chamomile is good for sleep too, it calms you down :) or if you have a David's tea(if you know what that is) around you they have a few relaxing teas that usually help me sleep :)

I have tried chamomile tea before. I should try getting back to it soon.  And what is David’s tea? A store or a brand?

lbds-and-high-heels-deactivated said:
Melatonin: works well, but it's not an as-needed thing. Usual dose is about 3 mg nightly to help regulate your circadian rhythms. Consider going to bed later. While this seems backwards, it makes sense when you consider that your sleep drive sometimes needs to be "starved" to be effective. While you may get fewer hours of sleep, it may improve the quality of your sleep leaving you feeling more rested. Do not use your bed for anything other than sleep and sex.

Yeah, I’ve been taking it nearly every night for like 2 1/2 weeks now. It really has helped me fall asleep right when I lay down. I think it’s a 5mg tablet. And I already go to bed extremely late. Sadly. That’s what I need to start correcting. But, I do understand what you mean. I have had times where I slept barely 4 hours and woke up feeling 100 % fine. 




Whole wheat vegan chocolate pancakes with banana, berries, soy yogurt, almond butter and shredded dark chocolate :)



holy yum….

I need opinions.

I’ve recently started taking melatonin because I have an extensive amount of trouble falling asleep at night. Does anyone have any opinions/research about using melatonin? Or do you have suggestions for other natural(ish) sleep aids?

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